Is Online Freelancing for Real?

This year will mark my not so long venture working online. I still remember the old days when everyone seems to raise their eyebrows on my choices.

As an 18-year-old mom way back then, I am still dependent on my parents. I wasn’t able to go back to school right away since I needed to take care of my son. At first, I started joining contests which transitioned to blogging and working online later on. Thanks to my co-contest junkie, I was able to score my very first legit client.

2011 was quite difficult in finding clients. Though freelancing then has been standing for years already, you can’t avoid those individuals who just want to troll around and make paasa of applicants.  But really, everything started that rough. Unlike these days, a lot of clients are looking for freelancers to work with them.

If you ask me, I tried several tests for several clients as their way of evaluating applicants should they proceed to get hired or not. And since everything is new to me, I easily get taken advantage. Good thing that a co-freelancer told me what to do to those kinds of clients. And eventually, I learned to filter out those clients who just want to score free services from neophytes.

“Is online freelancing for real?” – That’s what I always get to hear from those who doubt the nature of the job. Followed by, “how do you get earned from it?” Things aren’t that easy to discuss way back then since all are fresh to me and that I need to understand first the system and everything.

Unlike those years that have gone; now, people who ask me how online freelancing works don’t doubt anymore. Instead, you’ll see how fascinated they are in receiving your answer towards their question. And I always have that light feeling being asked because I get the chance to share the place where I have started.

Now, I would really like to share to everyone that “YES, online freelancing is for real!” Wherever you are in the world, you may be in Philippines or in totowa nj (music instrument shops are available here), you can be an online freelancer. As a single mom of 3, this is where I get my financial support to my little family. However, getting a client isn’t that easy to get. Just like how business works, you need to invest as well.

Here are the basic investments that you need should you plan to start working online:


Fast working PC/Laptop

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For one to make it possible in working online, s/he needs to have a computer/laptop. Literally, this is one of the necessities this field requires.


Reliable Internet Connection

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Whether you are planning to get a full-time job or part-time, having a reliable source of internet connection is really essential. This is what most clients preferred to. If you ask for the internet speed, you can start getting the least one which is 2mbps. However, most clients preferred the higher one which usually starts at 3mbps and up. So if you are planning to start up and still doubt of opting-in for a home based job, you can settle for a 2mbps internet plan.


Basic Computer Skills

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What I mean by basic computer skills is the knowledge on how to use the computer. This includes how to use web browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla) and offline applications such as MS Office.

As a newbie, it is really important to know the basic necessities in working online. It isn’t required to know everything, though. Just as long as you know how to use those mentioned ones, you can start building your way to working online.

So if you are a newbie and that you have no idea where to start, shoot me an email at and I would love to help you then.

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