Hello, there! Welcome to my second blog. Actually, I am planning on focusing more on this one since the first blog I had then had started not as for blogging but for joining contests. And since I decided to go back to blogging again, I thought of creating a new one instead. With that, I ended up creating this gessacondino.com which will eventually fall under the niche of a parenting blog.

So to start it off, this blog will be more about my venture as a mom. Not that all “about me” like posts but what is life being a single mom of 3. Yes, you read it right! Part of my life, I will also share with you how I manage to raise 3 kids singlehandedly from being their mom down to being their financial provider at the same time – freelancing, as we know it.

Meeting My Little Family

I will introduce my little family to you first. My name is Gessa but you can call me Mommy GeeMommy Gee

I do have 3 kids who are 2 sons and a daughter. I solely provide my kids’ financial needs and yes, we are living on our own. I used to live with my parents but when my little lad (my bunso) arrives, I thought that it is time to move out and start our new life on our own. And voila! It’s 6 months already since we moved out and thanks to my sister for helping me out in making that possible.

Here’s my eldest. I call him my little man but his real name is Geomar.

Kuya Memar

But he prefers to be called as Kuya Memar. He became part of my life when I was still 18 years old way back then. It may be too early to have him but I never regret of having Kuya Memar in my life. I knew then that the time he arrived, he will complete me and I was never wrong. He completes me every single day. Now, he is in his first grade and it’s quite tough to juggle taking care of a grade-schooler while there are 2 kiddos left to be taken cared of too.

And here’s my unica hija- my little miss!

Unica hija

Her name is Rajen but we call her Ate Jejek. Kuya Memar is 2 years older than her. Just like how a little girl acts, she is sweet and loveable. Unlike her kuya, she is soooo maka papa. If you ask who their papa is, it is my dad! Among my kids, my little miss is my dad’s favorite but he loves my other kids, though. Well, Kuya Memar isn’t that showy when it comes to showing affection unlike little miss as to why the family is more on giving little miss whatever she demands but not when I am around.

Last but not the least, my Segundo. He’s my bunso and I named him after my dad’s name – Georjensine.

El Segundo

It’s quite funny how I have had him. Pretty soon, I’ll be sharing that one here on my blog. But for now, let me give you brief details of him. I just gave birth of my son and he is now 2 months old. He sleeps most of the time and that I am so thankful that he isn’t that “malikot na bata.” Because according to them, at this age, infants have different sleeping patterns and that it would be difficult for me to manage my work while taking care of a newborn. But my son understands our situation and I find it not that difficult to manage work and take care of them at all. Indeed, I consider myself blessed enough for having such wonderful kids.

I can still remember all the first times I have had with these kids and I am sure, I am just at the beginning of this venture and I want you to be part of it too!

Please stay tuned for more since I won’t just be blogging about my venture as a mom of 3 but also how my career in freelancing works, freebies too that I am sure you’ll love, and tips that we can both share in this blog.

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