Freelancing 101: How to Start Your Way to Online Freelancing?

A lot of people are now getting curious about how online jobs work.  Technically, it has been years already that many are quite getting interested in the field. However, despite the awareness, many are still not convinced in making the transition from working for a corporate company to working as an online freelancer.

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What’s stopping them? If you are to ask, reasons vary by person. But there is one thing they have in common and it is the assurance of the job. Many doubt the possibility of being stable from working online. And yep, it is risky. However, if you know how to invest your earnings out of working online, I believe there is nothing to worry about.

Building an online freelancing profile may be difficult particularly if you are a neophyte but if you are really interested in it, nothing is impossible and that hard.

I have met several online freelancers who started from scratch. As in, no one helped them out. One of the persons I have met was Tata. She was just looking for an online job in the hopes of earning extra money aside from the one she gets from her husband who works abroad. It’s not that she badly needs it but somehow, it could help his husband’s expenses most especially that way back when I met her, they were badly prepared for their move to another country. So out of curiosity and interest, she landed her first job at the company I am working now full-time. With that, I have learned that nothing is impossible for a person who is interested in learning.

On the other hand, I can’t blame those who have interest yet doubt the nature of working online. Since not all are the same with Tata, I always have the patience to give my knowledge of how online job works and how one can start.

Without further ado, here’s your guide to starting your way to online freelancing.

Understand the functions of the websites where you can find clients online

Whether you are using any platforms in finding clients online, it is really essential to understand how each platform works and how to create an account for each of it. This is the most basic way to start landing your very first job online.

Create a LinkedIn Account (optional)


LinkedIn is one of the social media platforms that could easily connect you to potential clients. This social media site isn’t the same as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. What makes LinkedIn different is that this platform is pure for business. Even if you aren’t looking for an online job, this is a good place to look for jobs. But as mentioned earlier, there are clients who look for their future employees here. Thus, it is a big help to create your LinkedIn account and update it from time to time so that potential clients will find you.

Know the types of jobs you can use to start


There are different types of jobs available online. Having a little knowledge about it is really essential most especially if you are a beginner. There are a lot of sites you can use as a reference should you have no idea what to find or use for your title to begin with.

Familiarize the tools mostly used for online jobs


Just like working in an office, there are tools needed. If in the actual world, we get to use paper, pens, and even the computer itself, the virtual world needs to have its tools too. Getting familiar with it is really helpful. Examples of these tools are online and offline applications such as Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more and notepad.

You have the basic tools needed


When we say basic tools, these are the common applications and other forms mostly people use. An example of these tools is MS Office (everything inside it), web browsers (Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE, etc), search engine (Google, Bing, and Yahoo), and webmail (Gmail, Yahoo, and the like). You should have at least all of these to start.

Though it isn’t really necessary for one to know everything right away; however, having a basic knowledge and understanding is essential. This is when you decide to start your way to landing on your very first job, you’d slowly discover new things and that it wouldn’t be difficult for you to absorb what are its functions and its connection to the applications or tools you have and what you need to use.


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  • Analie Optana

    I need a job badly but, my husband dont want me to leave my 4 months young boy?
    I have read about Freelancing and yet dont know what it means and how to start..any help?

  • Eleanor Llabore

    I do love the freedom and the challenge of freelancing. For a while, I was hesitant to leave my media works but then I feel the “burn-out” and my “inner self” was looking for something which I didn’t comprehend. I quit my job and started online writing. Thanks to “human angels” who give me “best opportunities” and God’s surprises with of “extra and bonus” , I am 3 years in hiatus from my broadcast profession and enjoying my “silent and peaceful” life of being a writer. Thanks for the tips and for additional insights in freelancing.

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