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How to be a Mystery Shopper?

Since I was quite amazed at the responses from the public post I made down to the personal messages sent, I guess I’d better post it here instead so that those who are interested yet quite timid of asking me personally can then make their way to earning extra as well.

Just so you know, I am posting this in return for nothing. I am just thinking of sharing my blessing, you know. Anyhow, I hope you’ll get your first task from the only mystery shopping site I am registered to which I am bound to share in this article.

(c) aceresearchsystem.com
(c) aceresearchsystem.com

First things, first. Let me share with you what is mystery shopping all about and how does it work.

Mystery Shopping

For sure you have heard about it already. The term has been used for several years already and it has been long in the industry for decades. Just in case you are still puzzled, the other term for it is “secret shopper.” I assume, by now you have the idea what it is all about.

(c) strattonyorks.com
(c) strattonyorks.com

So for those who would like to know further details, here it is.

What does it mean and how does it work? It means you are hired to shop not informing the establishment and its staff that you are evaluating them. Yes, mystery shopping isn’t just about shopping. It means you are evaluating the establishment assigned to you.

As for the site, I am registered to, there are guidelines there that you’ll be following depending on the task you select. Yes, you will be the one to select the tasks available on your dashboard. Note that when signing up, it is really essential to put in your complete details. Honest details, to be exact. The purpose of this is that all leads that will show up on your dashboard will depend on the information you have listed on your profile.

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