LinkedIn and Its Use

Social Media Sites are among the tools people are using today. You sure have the idea why people are going gaga over using it. But among the social media sites that are on the craze of today, LinkedIn is the most convenient for those who are looking for job opportunities. May you be looking for an online job or a local one, or perhaps, either you are an unemployed seeking for an opportunity or a fresh graduate, LinkedIn can definitely help you find your clients online.

Unlike any other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like, LinkedIn is somewhat like an online CV but placed on a social media platform. Technically, it is a business and employment-oriented social networking service.

Creating LinkedIn Account

Creating a LinkedIn account is just like creating a Facebook account. Either you haven’t got your degree yet, a plain businessman, or a fresh graduate, you are free to create your account here. Just as long as you have a valid email address and that you are at least 13 years old (for selected countries, learn more about user agreement).

Just like Facebook, if you have a business, you can create one for your company. The only downside about LinkedIn is that there are differences between a basic account and a premium one. Yes, there are paid features on LinkedIn that a basic account can’t avail unless they will upgrade their account. So typically, a free account has a limit. On a brighter side, that isn’t a problem since finding an opportunity via LinkedIn won’t require you to upgrade. With that being said, a premium account is just applicable for those individuals who are using it as a tool most especially when it comes to finding leads.

LinkedIn vs Other Social Media Sites


You may be wondering what the difference is between LinkedIn and other social media sites. Well, you may have been seeing ads on Facebook such as BPO companies seeking new agents to be part of their growing companies, right? That’s one of a good example of their differences. LinkedIn works the same. However, some clients on LinkedIn most especially those who are based in other countries don’t need to see your CV because your profile alone is a good reference already. Not just that, even if you aren’t applying and even if you are not looking for a job, if a certain company is looking for people to work with them and that would match your profile’s details such as your skills, your past jobs, and the like, you will then automatically get notified by LinkedIn of possible leads. Yes, LinkedIn will personally inform you about job opportunities you may be fit in.

No time for Jokes

Unlike other social media sites, your friends who you get connected here are all professionals. When you say professionals, it isn’t that one who has earned their degrees but those who are professionally making money in the line of business. That means trolls can’t and shouldn’t be found here. Everyone has no time for fun, puns, jokes, and trolls, and even hatred just like what we see on other social media sites like Facebook for instance.


What’s convenient in using LinkedIn and why many are considering this platform in finding clients and even future staff to work with them is that through the skills and endorsements potential partners can see on one’s profile.


Unlike the typical CV, LinkedIn has this unique option where previous and current clients/coworkers you have (had) can share their work experience with you via endorsing the skills you have shared with them. You have the option to allow their endorsement to appear on your profile; otherwise, you can opt-out for it.

Showcase your Portfolio

One of the best features of LinkedIn is the portfolio section. This section is where you can add all your successful projects in the past. This is very beneficial on your end simply because there are clients who are more likely want to see outputs done in the past and that confirmed by either the client or a co-worker you worked with. Chances are greater for you to get hired should you are competing for many applicants in a particular job offer, only if you’ll fulfill this section of your profile. On the other hand, it isn’t required since it’s just an option most especially for newbies.Whether you are a newbie or not, Linkedin is definitely one of the best platforms when it comes to finding job leads. So if you are a fresh graduate or someone who is planning on changing your career, you may start creating your account now.


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