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Salt Restaurant Review

It was a fine Saturday night when I visited Cebu city together with my little lad. We met his mommy ninang first, one of my best buddies way back when we’re still in our HS days, Mommy Xhy before we go to our destination. So we had a little chitchat since it was years before we met again!

Going back, I visited the city because I got invited to give a try this growing restaurant in the metro. Since it was an invitation and at the same time, I’ll be meeting a co-blogger from Negros Oriental, I then didn’t hesitate to go. So there, I met Mr. A, the owner of Salt Restaurant. He is the sole owner of the said resto and one of the cook, at the same time.

Salt Restaurant is located at St. Patrick Square, Brgy. Kamputhaw, Cebu City. If you aren’t sure how to get there, you can ride a taxicab or opt for a jeepney ride. For taxi, just instruct the driver to drop you at the St. Patrick Square. And for those who are riding a jeepney, the resto is just behind Redemptorist Church. So you just need to walk a little to get at the St. Patrick Square. They are open from Mondays to Saturdays from 9AM-4AM (the next day). Yes, they had extended their working hours just to serve you!


We had dinner at Salt and we had a chance to talk with the owner, Mr. A. It’s quite fascinating to know that aside from handling the business, he does the cooking as well. Although he has 2 cooks, if he is around, he would do the cooking and serve them to his customers.

Salt Restaurant first opened last April 8, 2016. Yes, they have been running for 6 months already and so far, everything is going well. One of the things we are curious about is “why SALT?

Mr. A’s answer: “This is because SALT is the most basic of all ingredients.” He also added that most of the foods and even desserts need salt in order to make it which is true naman. Well, that’s the brief detail on why SALT Restaurant had its name.

The Place

If we will talk about the space of the resto, it isn’t the typical one we find mostly which has wide flooring and the like. But, despite the limited space it has, I find it unique and practical. The moment you step inside, you’ll see that every inch of the place has its function. More or less, there were 5 sets of tables and chairs on the ground floor. Yes, it is a 2 story resto. We weren’t able to check upstairs since they have their clients who are currently having a meeting that time. So we only stayed downstairs. It’s nothing fancy but sure it is comfortable to stay here.


It is an air-conditioned place so you’d definitely enjoy your stay. The place is just simple yet accommodating. In terms of comfortability, the ambiance promises you that.


They have magazines available so you can use one or two should you want to borrow it while waiting for your order. On the other hand, they also have WiFi inside which you can connect to the cyber world anytime.

The Service

Since it was only us who were there during the time, I can’t say that their waiters aren’t that accommodating since there is only one who assisted Mr. A and so far, he’s quite a shy type guy yet, he is accommodating. He’s approachable, so I find no problem at all.

Mr. A guarantees 20-30 minutes as the waiting time most especially for orders that would take 3 or more. That is simply because all the foods on their menu are being cooked on the spot. So, a little patience is needed. After all, it guarantees you a taste of a home dish.

For the tagline “a taste of home,” Mr. Rivera divulged to us the aim of the business and that is to provide foods that would seem like to bring each customer to their childhood where how our nanays (mothers) used to cook a certain dish for us way back when we were still young. The tagline is inspired by the movie Ratatouille of Disney. If you have seen it, the one that I always get to imagine is the scene of Ego upon tasting the Ratatouille dish.  It was like an instant flashback to him. So that’s it; that is what the Salt Restaurant’s aim in providing to their customers.

The Food

There are a lot of selections available on their menu but we opted for their seafood dishes. First, we asked Mr. A if what their best-sellers are. So far, it is the chicken wings and the baked scallops and of course, their other seafood dishes. Since we are quite interested in the seafood, we opt-in for it instead.

Unfortunately, during our visit, they ran out of stock for their scallops. Good thing that they still have their other seafood dish, though so that’s what we get instead.

The entrees we were able to try are the following:

Sinigang na Tangigue (Php 180)

I considered this as my first top pick. I love the tangy flavor of this sinigang. As for me, the level of its tangy flavor is just enough. Oh, if it can go tangier, that would be more satisfying then. Well, actually, you can request that. But since I am not the only one who will be eating it, the one that is served is satisfying still. Oh, if you are quite curious about how tangy it is, it is the typical sinigang of tagalog. So that’s it. The Tangigue is fresh. I know since mama taught me the difference between the fresh one from the other. As per estimation, it is roughly good for 2 persons but since their serving is quite large, for me, it can fit for 3-4 persons.

Squid Adobo without Ata (Php 150)


The adobo that you may be thinking, it isn’t the Cebuano type which is the dry one. It is the tagalog one which has a sauce (may pagkasabaw). You can request for a spicy version or just the plain one. If you want it spicy, you can always tell them. As for me, this is my second top pick. It is so flavorful. You can eat it alone or pair it with rice. Promise, you can’t go wrong in selecting this. Oh, if I may add, it is good for 2 persons but as for me, a serving is only good for one. Trust me, a serving alone for 2 won’t be enough! Hahaha

Shrimp in Sweet Chili Sauce (Php180)


I personally consider the Shrimp in Sweet Chili Sauce as my third top pick. I love how well it is cooked. It wasn’t undercooked or even overcooked, just enough that you’d definitely enjoy its meat. What I love about the dish is that aside from the shrimp, its sauce can be a viand too. Yes, everything can be your ulam which is perfect if paired with rice! Each shrimp comes in a large size so you’d definitely enjoy eating with your bare hands! I am not exaggerating things here, trust me, we ate with our bare hands.

Crabs (Cooked) in Garlic Butter (Php480 – 4 pieces)


Since I nabbed the sinigang na tangigue and so as the squid adobo before this arrived, I was only able to finish one-half of the crab served. Each crab that is served comes in a large size so I only tried one.  It’s flavorful. You can really taste the buttery garlic flavor of the dish. It comes with sauce too.

Grilled Tuna Belly (Php150)


This meal is a bomb. Still, a delish dish but the top picks are the ones that capture my palate a lot. It was like a love at first taste. Anyhow, this grilled tuna belly is still good and perfect for those who love fish a lot.

What I like about this meal is that it comes with rice and iced tea already. The served tuna belly, you bet! It comes in a large slice that it is good enough for 2 persons (not including the rice, though).

Not to mention the beverages they offer. They offered varieties of beverages but we opted for the iced tea. I wasn’t able to capture an image of it but for only Php20 per glass, it is something you would love to visit the place. Where on earth have you tried buying a glass of iced tea for only Php20 in a restaurant? So far, I only found it here at Salt Restaurant.

The Verdict

Throughout my experience, I am totally satisfied. From the place down to the food and so on the prices, it is something you’ll definitely want to give a try. It doesn’t hurt one’s budget as everything is abot-kaya (affordable)!

To justify the affordable cost dishes here is their menu: You may want to see the clearer view HERE.


Not just that, in case you have leftovers and you want to take out it, you can ask their staff and they will be packing it for you.

On a side note, the only nay about the place is that it has no comfort room inside. However, there is one available outside so in case you'd need to excuse yourself for a while, it wouldn't be a problem. Just ask their staff and they will lead you to the comfort room located outside.

Anyway, Mr. A shared with us as well that they are currently having a promotion. This isn’t really a promo for a limited time but a way of thanking their customers. So if you’ll be visiting them and feature them on your social media accounts by capturing any pictures from the place (the venue, the foods, and the staff), if your pictures get featured on their Facebook Page, you will receive a surprise from the resto on your next visit. Just don’t forget to set your post to PUBLIC and include the hashtag #SaltSeafoodResto, this applies both Facebook and Instagram.  (just like this)

Make sure to not forget it since there they will be selecting the lucky diners to get a surprise exclusive from Mr. A and the Salt Restaurant, itself.

Stay tuned as we will be giving away dinner or lunch for 2 to a lucky winner, soon. So don’t forget to like my page: Gessa Condino (FB) and Salt Restaurants Official Facebook Page to be updated!

Salt Restaurant
4, St Patrick Square, R Aboitiz St, Cebu City, Cebu 6000
For reservations and other inquiries, you may call: (032) 233-7124


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  • Maria

    The meals look sumptuous! I’m not that into seafood but those really seem interesting to me. Honestly, I’m quite picky when it comes to seafood however, I’d like to try that grilled tuna belly and have a slurp of the soup from the Tangigue Sinigang. The price is really affordable. Great!

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