If you are looking for a particular place to dine, buffet setup restos are definitely a good choice. From main dish selections down to desserts, money spent on it is definitely worth it.

Cebu has so many places to dine in. From breakfast down to dinner, you have so many options to choose for. If you are up for dinner and want something that would suit your budget, this Filipino cuisine resto is definitely something you should visit – Cabalen.

Cabalen Entrance SM Cebu

I have known Cabalen for its affordable meal buffet. Since we were buying for my son’s electric fan for his school, we opted to have our dinner somewhere in SM. And since we are in a rush, we opted for Cabalen instead since there are many food selections available.

For Php298/head, you can have unlimited foods of your choice and desserts. Since we went there past 7 already, we haven’t taken advantage of seeing the opening of the foods being served in full. Anyhow, I am still glad that there are still many viands available.

The Ambiance

Cabalen SM Cebu branch may only have limited space but I love how its interior has been designed. At first, you’ll expect that dining here would cost you that much but nope; they just have elegant set up here.


Not really that fancy but surely, you’ll enjoy dining here. As for the set-up of the foods, everything was placed at the right side of the resto.

Cabalen SM Cebu Ambiance

The Food

So speaking of the foods placed at the right side of the resto, the moment you step inside, dessert section is just beside the door. You can even take a glance at it outside.

But before we jump into the dessert section, here are the food selections available on their entree section. (Check the video below for a quick glimpse of the place.)

I opted for their vegetable salad. Nothing new about it, though. I also tried their Bulalo soup.

Cabalen Bulalo Soup

There are available condiments and spices for seasoning should you want to add some flavors to your soup. I don’t taste something special on it but it’s not a waste of time trying it, though. It’s quite good after all.

Cabalen SM Cebu Entree Section

What I love about the foods available there that I have tried, it’s their Kare-kare (beef stew) that stands out! Pair with cooked shrimp paste, it feels like going back to Manila once again! It really reminds me the original recipe of Kare-kare. I remember I was able to buy 2 servings of this dish across MCCS (Mandaue City Central School). This was when we were still staying in the apartment we have rented for 8 years in Mandaue and that was way back 2015.

Cabalen SM Cebu Entree Section

I have tried their Sisig. Well, it’s not that Sisig I was expecting but it’s still good, though. Also their Sautéed Tokwa, I love its taste. I wasn’t just able to take a pic of it but yeah, this dish sure is perfect for vegans.

Cabalen SM Cebu Entree Section

And of course, I also tried their Lenchong Kawali which I ended up getting a slice only since the ones left are all fats. It’s our fault anyway since we arrived at the place past 7 already.

Cabalen SM Cebu Entree Section

Cabalen SM Cebu Entree Section

For the dessert, they have varieties of desserts available. This includes Chocolate Fountain (paired with mallows, that’s all I remember sorry for that)…

Cabalen SM Cebu Dessert - Chocolate Fountain

Bico (sweetened sticky rice),

Cabalen SM Cebu Dessert - Bico

Fruit Gelatin,

Cabalen SM Cebu Dessert - Fruit Gelatin

Ginataang Mais,

Cabalen SM Cebu Dessert Ginataang Mais

Fresh Fruits (banana and papaya), and their ice-crushed dessert section: Sagot Gulaman and Halo-halo.

Cabalen SM Cebu Dessert

I opted for their Sago’t Gulaman since the Halo-halo ingredients are no longer complete. There are fewer fruits available already so I opted for the former instead. What I love about the ice-crushed dessert section is that you are the one to prepare it for yourself. That means you will be the one to adjust its sweetness and how milky your glass would get.

 The Verdict

Though Cabalen is a self-service resto, I still love how approachable their staff is. You can easily ask them for a refill of a particular dish should it ran out of food. I was able to witness this because the glass for milk at the ice-crushed dessert section is empty; I asked them to have it refilled. With no hesitant, they refilled it right away.

I also like how proactive their staff at the entrance part. Since it is past 7 and the foods are running out already, whenever a customer wants to dine in, they inform them to check the foods available since that could be the last serving available. So in case you missed in dining earlier, you’ll be informed before securing a table for you and your family or friends.

Cabalen’s buffet rate is Php298/head (for adults), 50% off for kids 4ft below, and FREE for kids 3ft and below. It is inclusive of TAX already. Same goes to all items declared on their menu.

The cost per head doesn’t include the drinks yet but if you’ll opt for drinks, you can order their bottomless iced tea for only Php70/head. Should you opt for a glass of iced tea, I guess it costs Php45 or Php60; I am not sure, though. But what I am sure about is that bottomless is worth it to get. You can opt for service water should you want to lower down your sugar intake.

Overall, I am satisfied dining at Cabalen. It would be better if you’ll arrive earlier so that you can really take advantage of the foods being served hot and fresh from the stove. Also, if you’ll be going there by a group, I suggest to give them a call so that you can reserve a seat.


Cabalen SM Cebu

Cabalen SM Cebu

Ground Floor, SM City Cebu, Juan Luna Avenue Extension, The Northwing Area, 6000
For reservations and inquiries, call: (032) 505 0821

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  1. Our family does not eat too much so we do not really go to buffets. I think I have been to a Cabalen buffet before though, when a friend had a blowout for his birthday.

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