Acer Brings Francis Kong during the Acer Academy Partner’s Night 2016 in Cebu

 I’m not really into tech, but when I was able to get an invite to attend Acer’s event to its program related to education, I then didn’t hesitate to grab it. The fact that the topic is about enhancing how teaching should be done in easier, more convenient, and faster way, I thought to myself…


5 Ways to Earn through Blogging

Let’s have a short recap of the history of blogging and when did it all start. I started blogging way back 2011 but long before I began my venture in this industry, the word “blog” has been in the internet world already. As quoted by Wikipedia: “It’s generally recognized that the first blog was…


Philhealth Z Benefit Package for Preemies and Underweight Newborns

I was checking my FB newsfeed, which I rarely do since I have so many errands to make, when I suddenly bumped to one of UNICEF’s posts. It’s the latest benefits package Philhealth will be adding next year. This benefit will be about newborn babies who are preemies and underweight (under 2500 grams). As a…

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