Eager to Learn

I remember way back when I was still young, I was really eager to learn how to play guitar. And right after I turned 14, my dad bought me one to one of the nearest guitar center stores. It was his birthday present for me. Well, apparently, I was only able to learn a few chords and that didn’t have much took advantage of using it since my attention way back then wasn’t focus on learning guitar. Until such time, I no longer see it. Yes, it was lost. The last time I remember who used it was my sister. I am not sure though if what really happened. It should have been here until now only if I had not allowed my siblings to borrow it. (sigh).

eager to learn guitar

Moving on, 10 years later, yes, that long!  Our youngest boy, who is now 16, is asking me to get him one. Well, I do have plans in buying it’s just that I wasn’t able to go to the city for now. What I love about this sib of mine is that he is really eager to learn. Good thing he got friends who are really good at him and let my brother borrowed their stuff.


For now, I am observing if he deserves to get one. And if he really does, I’ll definitely surely surprise him.

How about you? How do you surprise someone who is eager to learn? Do you have specific thoughts in mind to consider before considering someone to get that particular thing for him or her knowing that stuff could lead him to learn new things too? Share your thoughts below and I’d be happy to read them. Who knows, I might consider what you have in mind. At least, I won’t be wasting my time over learning new things.


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