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Eco-Friendly Personalized Hotel Toiletries and More

I am not an advocate of eco-friendly products but sure that I am one of those who prefers to consume products which containers are biodegradable. With the effect of the climate change we have today, to lessen the usage of plastic and non-biodegradable materials are the least we can do. Good thing that majority of establishments today are now observing the use of biodegradable containers particularly when it comes to restos and hotel supplies.

The Change

You may have observed today that most cities are now practicing the no use of the plastic policy. This is definitely one of the good movements the government has done so far. It amazes me that even this before has been implemented; many establishments have practiced the no use of non-bio products and containers particularly hotels, restaurants, and even hospitals as well.

On the other hand, there is one thing that keeps me wondering and that is where these establishments get their biodegradable products. Upon searching, I found out that there are still businesses that opt for products that are imported from other countries which are basically the usual. But as technology becomes widely adapt across the world, I found this Eco PureTech Trading somewhere online that is locally based in the country, Cagayan de Oro in particular. It lies in the part of Mindanao. Its main function is to offer personalized hotel toiletries and other restos, hospitals and hotel supplies that could lessen the expenses of those who are in the said businesses.

(c) CDO Amenities Supplies
(c) CDO Amenities Supplies

The Help

If I am in the field of business, of course, to opt for friendly environment products is most probably the first action I’ll do to make my company fit the majority’s needs. To consider the cost cutting, this eco-friendly service is definitely a big help. Not just in the means of saving the earth but also saving the expenses I needed to make my business grow.

You can also check its growing clients. To name a few, these are Cagayan de Oro Medical Center and some known hotels in the city such as Limketkai Luxe Hotel, Emerald Suite, and more.

(c) CDO Amenities Supplies
(c) CDO Amenities Supplies

Feel free to check their Facebook Page at CDO Amenities Supplies for more details about the eco-friendly products they cater aside from personalized hotel toiletries.


Personalized Hotel Toiletries


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