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How to Get to Daanbantayan?

It’s quite funny how Daanbantayan first buzzes the nation. But let’s set that aside. Now, people are slowly discovering the beauty of the province and to make it easier for you to locate it, here’s my guide to how to get to Daanbantayan.

It’snot that Way back 1996, my parents decided to go back to Cebu to live here for good. So the initial plan is to move to my mom’s province, Daanbantayan. So yes, we lived here for about 4 years. My mom and dad had their church wedding back in 1998 where I, our eldest sister, and our youngest brother then were part of the ceremony. Dating 2000, we moved to the city since Daanbantayan then wasn’t that updated.

The newest I love Daanbantayan signage located near the municipal hall of Daanbantayan.
The newest I love Daanbantayan signage located near the municipal hall of Daanbantayan.

Last 2014, my parents decided to go back here and finally, planned to build their dream house. Though the construction has not yet done, my parents had built a temporary house where we are currently staying. I didn’t move together with them not until 2016.

So just recently, there was a post circulating on Facebook about the wonder of Carnaza, Daanbantyan. I thought of giving a guide on how to get there. This is for people to easily locate the place.

The Place

Personally, I haven’t visited the place but mom did. In fact, there are so many beautiful places can be found in Daanbantayan particularly its surrounding islands. To name a few, these are Malapascua, Isla de Gato, and Kintarkan Island.

About white sands, we do have it. You can even visit Maya, Daanbantayan (the end point of the northern part of Cebu Island). Its clear water will fascinate you!

The Route

To make the long story short, here’s the guide on how you can get to Daanbantayan and the way to get to the islands of it.

Coming from Cebu, you will just need to go to North Bus Terminal which is located at Mandaue. There is where the busses and vans bound to northern part of Cebu can be found. It isn’t that difficult to find the target route since there is signage available on each route at the terminal and there are people who can assist you to the right vehicle as well.

You have the option to ride a bus (ceres bus or Rough Rider bus) which will initially run for about 3-4 hours going to Daanbantayan. If you want a faster one, you can opt for V-hire which can run Cebu to Daanbantayan for about 2-3 hours.

Buses and vans going to Bagay – Maya and Kawit – Maya are the ones you should opt to ride for. These are the vehicles that will drop you to Daanbantayan. Take note, these places are part of Daanbantayan already. And going to its nearby islands, you would need to get dropped at Maya port.


From North Bus Terminal, if you’ll opt for a bus, it will cost you Php160-Php170 (if air-conditioned bus) and Php170-Php200 (depending on the season), if you’ll opt for V-hire. I am not sure how much would it cost to go to Carnaza but going to Malapascua coming from Maya Port, it will initially cost you Php100 per head and that’s Php200 in a total back and forth. Former is quite farther compared to the latter. So roughly it will cost you about Php200-Php300 per head I guess to go at the Carnaza. I’ll try to confirm this and I’ll update this post as soon as I get information.


Here’s a summary of the route:

  • North Bus Terminal >> Daanbantayan – Php160-Php200/head
  • Daanbantayan Bus Terminal >> Cebu – Php 160-Php200/head
  • Maya Port >> Malapascua – Php100/head
  • Malapascua >> Maya Port – Php100/head
  • Maya Port >> Carnaza >>

I hope this helps. Looking forward to seeing you in our place!


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