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Peckish Rice Crisps, the Gluten Free Chips

Since I was going to drop my son to school, I decided to go the nearest convenience store to buy him his snacks. And upon going to the counter, I found these new chips they have in store. I am not sure if it is really new in the market but for me, it sure is. So out of curiosity, I asked the staff on duty if how much each cost and right after informing me, I then grab 2 packs of this Peckish Rice Crisps.

The Chips


What captures my attention about this pack of chips is that it is something new to me. You sure have heard about Soyami Soya chips. They are somewhat similar but not that totally, though. What do they have in common? Both brands’ goal is to deliver chips in a healthier and fun way of enjoying snacks regardless of one’s age. They differ in the ingredients since Soyami is made of soya while this Peckish Rice Crisp is made of rice. Yes, you read it right!  It’s made of rice!



Nothing that fancy but sure it is not the typical packaging you get to see in other branded chips. The plastic type is somewhat like made of paper. I am just not sure about the right term, though. Anyhow, I find the packaging expensive looking and the moment you get to see it, you’ll surely want to make sure how much it costs, at least for me. Its origin is Thailand and it is distributed by Monde Nissin here in the country.

The Chips


Since the packaging impresses me, I then decided to get 2 packs of this with different variants. So far, there are two variants I have found from their counter section – Cheddar Cheese and Smoky BBQ.  Here are the things I found interesting about this item:

  • It’s thin, light, and crispy (yep!)
  • 0g Trans Fat,
  • Gluten Free,
  • and this is baked not fried!

The chips come in two shapes – circle and diamond. How it tasted? It is somewhat like a biscuit. A thin biscuit coated with cheese and bbq flavored powder. Among the two variants, I prefer the bbq flavor. I love how each crisp is coated with bbq powder. For those who are a fan of bbq flavor, this is definitely a good try!17357115_120300002608085654_2133744832_o

How much does it cost? It costs Php29 (USD0.60) per pack only! Yes, you can get each pack for only Php29 and each pack weighs 55 grams.

You can get this one at 7-11. I am not sure if all of their branches have it but chances are greater that they all do. I am not sure if leading supermarkets do offer this but for clarification, you may inquire them.

The Verdict

I am really a fan of chips and so far, among the healthier chips I have tried, this is now part of my top 1 list!

Get one now and tell me what your favorite is. I’d love to get your feedback as well.

I am no way compensated nor have received any products to make a review of this. This is personally written by me.


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