The Struggles is Real

It sure is so common to many. But as a single mom, it sure is overwhelmed me to having my 3 kids all singlehandedly. Though I am now living together with my parents, the mere fact that I am still the one who takes good care of them each day; that definitely makes the struggle is real, indeed.

Being a full-time mom and a working mom at the same time isn’t an easy fuzzy stuff. You get to squeeze your time in a possible way as you can. Good thing that I got good clients whom I can easily deal with. One of the stuff that challenges me as a mom is when one or two of the kids get sick at the same time. Well, I am still lucky for not being able to face that anymore. I once tried it and it sure sucks. Now, how I do thing is that I always keep the kids’ health checked every now and then for me to handle things out should I needed to.

The struggle is real

One of the struggles my life is currently facing is my eldest’s journey towards grade school. Well, he is still learning how to read. Blame it all on me, I know, I know! I am not sure, I still find my son not ready to take it as to why, I just let him familiarize first of the letters (he knows it, though) before we jump into learning how to read it. I don’t pressure them. Like, we all have our parenting style. I don’t judge those parents who want to teach their kids at a very early age. For me, I teach kids based on their curiosity and interest. If that is something they are interesting to learn, well I am ready to spend time teaching them that. Good thing that kuya is slowly getting interested in reading the basics. For now, I can’t say that we will be able to achieve how to read instantly but we are aiming to get familiar with how letters sound if combined. So, good luck to us!

Good thing my mini-me isn’t that demanding and is always on the go which makes my life a little easier, somehow. She is really observant and I am very much thankful for having a daughter who is somewhat I can really entrust of things.

Apart from what my little man’s struggle, my youngest is also a big challenge on my end. Not a challenge that gives me a pain in the ass but a challenge that I am sure will help me become a better person in the future, for sure. As a pure breastfeeding mom, taking care of my health is also one of my concerns. With that, I always see to it that I take my vitamins on time together with the kids and eat our meals on time as well.

Going back to zero is definitely a struggle to me. The fact that it isn’t just a plain going back to zero makes it a little harder. Life may be a little harder for me but I still believe that we can handle everything that is given to us no matter how tough may it be.


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