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The Best Ways to Enjoy Summer

Time flies so fast! I just remember how we welcomed 2017 and now, summer is officially here! So perhaps, we are all fascinated with the almost 3-month long vacay. Have you decided what to do this season? If not, this might be what you need!

Being a full-time working mom isn’t handy. Raising 3 kids alone doesn’t make my life easy but sure that it is worth it. So I thought of creating things that both the kids and I would enjoy. If you are on a budget, this is definitely for you.

Enjoy without Breaking the Bank

One of the best ways to enjoy summer, perhaps, is to pack up your luggage and go on a long vacation. But that doesn’t work for us. Since I need to report to work every day, I need to have a constant internet connection where I get to finish my tasks and keep in touch with my boss plus got a little kiddo who’s very much clingy, so going on a long vacation (out of town, for example) is a big NO for us, at least for this phase. To make our summer still fun (without breaking the bank just like getting eyelash booster instead of opting for extensions), here are the things I found pretty much convenient to do.

Do arts.


Having kids with you makes summer really difficult to deal with. But if you are considering arts and crafts, this is definitely a relief! There are a lot of stuff can be done with the help of arts and crafts. Instead of spending money for a beach break, you can download good templates where kids can color their favorite characters or perhaps, print out templates to create toys from!

Take a lesson on learning a musical instrument.

If you are more into investing and getting a good return on investment, you can opt to teach your kids with a musical instrument that would interest them. Don’t worry about getting one; you can buy any instrument online today just like the fender mustang at musicians friend.

Go Picnic

I am not really a fan of doing outdoor activities. But since kids should be exposed to the outside world once in a while, planning for a picnic can really be a good idea most especially this summer. For places to visit, you can hit beach nearby or the plaza available near your place. Having a fancy place isn’t really necessary. The important is that kids get to spend quality time with you.

So if you are still contemplating on what to do this summer, go to the things that won’t break your bank!


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