What Parenting Taught Me

Funny it may sound but becoming a mom has really been one of my biggest dreams way back then. Maybe, that is because of the personal issues I have had with my family. Though it’s not really that something serious, but it somehow has a relation.

So fast forward, when I turned 18, I gave birth to my eldest. It came too early as planned but despite the struggle, my son is still my son and he is one of the best things that had happened to me. Then my daughter followed next, 2 years later then.

mom, kids, and our youngest brother. 😀

What parenting taught me had changed my perspectives in life. This became much more when my youngest arrived.

I’ve been in 2 different failed relationships. Yes, you read it right. I’ve met 2 different guys that changed my life. However, they are nothing to compare when they gave me my kids, though. So fast forward again, here are the things I am pretty sure most parents can definitely relate to. For those who are new into parenthood, welcome to parenting hahaha!

What Parenting Taught Me

Raising a child will turn your life, upside down! If you think that raising a child is the best feeling on earth, perhaps, it is; but not until you get to experience tantrums and curiosity. I am a very impatient type of person. I even remember when I was assigned to tutor our classmates during my high school years. I lambasted one of my classmates publicly for not being able to memorize the multiplication table. But I am not a bully, though. I am a very impatient person. But things have changed when my kids came into my life. The only downside is that it didn’t happen easily as said.

There, I’ve learned that kids are curious by nature. The only problem is that not every adult understands it. And I am guilty of being one. Every time my kids get into troubles at home, I gave out corporal punishments in a snap. But I’ve changed, though. I’ve learned that it isn’t always the answer. Punish them in a different way where you don’t get to hurt them physically but still, they’ll learn the lesson out of the mistakes they’ve made.

Tantrums too! You sure haven’t reached the 9999 level of parenting unless you get to experience your child throwing tantrums in public. Well, lucky for you if your child has not ever cracked that up. But if you’ll ask me, parenting is definitely like a roller coaster! Tantrum is definitely one of my enemies and it sure is one of the most annoying and embarrassing feelings but it sure is one of the funniest too, at the same time!

But here’s the catch. Parenting is somewhat like putting you in an anxiety box. In that box, every emotion exists but above all, the love conquers. You find them annoying but when they start acting differently, you get this exchange of feeling and you start missing them. Funny perhaps but yes, that’s what we call parenting.

Parenting teaches you to be thrifty. If branded shirts matter to you, it may still matter today but not that much compared before. Kids grow so fast. Perhaps, if you only have one child and you are financially capable of buying expensive stuff, lucky for you! But for those who have 2 or more, tell you, being thrifty becomes part of your set of skills in an instant! Instead of getting that particular brand for your little one, you’ll opt for the ones that won’t hurt your budget. Besides, what’s important is that the stuff you are buying is wearable.

You become guilty of spending stuff for yourself.

I am not sure if this very much applies to everyone but I know some, though. The moment I became a mom, I am hesitant of getting myself set of brand new stuff. I may purchase one for myself only when I get something for my kids first. Maybe, maybe that’s just how parenting looks like. It’s not really mandatory but there’s just this guilt every time I attempt to. Hahaha

You are no perfect and feeling blue at times is natural. If you think that people expect too much from you, don’t ever mind them. They don’t know what you’ve gone through. Maybe, there are times that we get into troubles and putting our kids at risk but that doesn’t mean you are a bad parent unless if you mean of putting them in danger, though. There are ups and downs in parenting. And just like how life works, parenting works the same. There are so many battles to win, troubles to escape, and lessons to learn. It’s just a matter of how you handle things. Acceptance that you are not perfect is the key to survive parenting. Feeling blue is part of it too. You either have to get used to it or conquer it. It’s your choice. And no matter what happens, there’s this one thing you should never try or do… and that is quitting. Just always think that if ever you quit, everyone who depends on you will lose their way too.

You become the person you never thought you’d be. Parenting is like a battle to win. Just like how life works, you get to experience difficulties but what’s beautiful about it is that it changes you into someone you thought you’d never be and that, I guess, one of the most beautiful things about parenting.

You are their mom/dad, no matter how old kids get.

This is what I have observed from my mom and dad. Even I reached this age; I still have curfews and rules to follow. (Yes, I stay with them along with my kids as to why that rule works for us here.) And even now my eldest is now a little grown up; I can say he’s still one of my babies. And there, our parenting role will forever stay as long as we live.

How about you? What parenting taught you?


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