Things You Should Consider When You Work Online

You most probably have heard online freelancing. Well, technically, it’s one of the trending topics of today. Many are starting to get interested in landing their very first freelance work while some, on the other hand, are testing if it is really legit or not.

If you are to ask me, applying online is just like applying to actual jobs near your place or in the city which we are used to. You know BPO, local jobs, and the like. You get to experience getting scammed, being used, but eventually, you’ll surely find the right job, at the right time. I am a sole believer that everything indeed happens for a reason. So if you are a newbie and that you get a lot of rejections, just do what you think is right and sell yourself in the best way you can because eventually, you will find the right work for you.

Anyway, finding online works today isn’t that difficult compared in the past years that have gone. Today, you can find leads on Facebook which are not common before. So technically, those who are new in the industry, you guys are definitely lucky since finding your ideal job is just a click in a group away! Most probably, landing on your very first job is where the challenging part comes in, most especially if everything is new to you.

I, sure, can say that because even up today, I find it difficult to compete with other freelancers. Despite the experiences I have had, it’s quite difficult, still, to compete most especially if we talk about our rates.

So without making this story long, here are the things I have learned that you should consider before you work online. That is because, throughout the years working online, on and off, there are realizations that you’ll sooner, later will learn along the way. So here is mine.

Doesn’t mean you have a lot of experiences, you can get the job you desire.

Yes. With the tough competition we have today, doesn’t mean you are good at this and that, you can then score that particular job. It takes a lot of selling before you can definitely get that, unless if that’s meant for you.

Never put all the eggs in one basket.

When you work online, lucky for you if your employer provides all the benefits you need such as insurance, government whatsoever is that, and so forth… but if not, it’s always best to have a backup work. Not really backup work where you can no longer balance everything. Perhaps, one full-time job and another part-time job would work together. In this way, if in case the other one decides to put you on hold or let’s just say they no longer need your service, you are not dysfunctional since you still have one that supports you.

Quit if it is no longer healthy to stay.

Never afraid of quitting from a toxic environment. If it is no longer healthy to stay, get yourself out of it. There are a lot of work opportunities out there. As what mentioned earlier, never put all the eggs in one basket.

Politics happen in online freelancing industry.

Just like how an actual job works, politics happen in working online as well most especially if you are working for a team.

Be professional by all means.

If you are put in a senior position, you should act fairly for the benefits of everyone and so as the business itself. Set aside your personal grudge and interest if you really want to make things work.

If a door closes, another one will surely open.

This is the quote I’ll never forget from a client. If someone chooses to let go of you, never be afraid of accepting it as another opportunity will surely find its way to you.

Learn to ignore toxic people.

Just like mentioned earlier, politics happen online as well. Expect that there will always be negative feedback from people who hate you. And just like that, you just simply need to ignore them. Move on with your life.


Online freelancing doesn’t guarantee long-term commitment. Hence, it is best to invest your earnings as early as possible.

So if you are planning to work online or you just landed on your very first job, always keep these things in mind. It sure helps. I would love to hear your thoughts, too! Feel free to drop them below.


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