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When it comes to stability, definitely, becoming a teacher in public schools guarantees you a lifelong job. It doesn’t end to just having a stable job but it is a high paying work at the same time compared to other professions in the country. However, life as a public teacher isn’t just about happiness and stability.

There are a lot of things one to consider when it comes to being a teacher by profession. This includes the day to day tasks given to them plus the family s/he has to take care of, too.

Life of a Teacher and a Wife

Tita Edna

Meet Tita Edna, a 56-year-old teacher from Calatrava, Negros Occidental, has managed the struggles of being a mom and a teacher at the same time, for the sake of her passion and family’s needs. She has been working as a public teacher for 10 years now. But despite how well-managed you are to your time, there are still struggles that come along the way. And regardless of how you manage things off, there’s always a challenge to face.

The Struggles

Being a teacher, the demand of work-quality is always the topmost concern of the many, perhaps, the struggle every teacher experiences. Coping up with deadline especially with other work-related tasks above regular teaching loads, this eats a lot of a teacher’s time and effort.

Not to mention, the budget needed to stretch out for the class’ needs, this has been one of the common struggles of Tita Edna. Apart from the teaching tasks and maintaining the classroom’s beauty on top, the role of a teacher towards their students is also one of the challenges she faces, day by day.

Imagine the struggle of being a teacher alone? You bet!

Being the breadwinner of the family, according to Tita Edna, circumstantial and incidental expenses are the main struggle she faces as the breadwinner of the family. It literally destroys the budget. As the breadwinner, she does all the best to make ends meet but sometimes, “find” means to successfully do it.

Struggles as a wife and a mother, perhaps, the things most of us always wonder of. As a wife, she mainly struggles with TIME. She can’t always be there for her husband. And as a mother, she struggles with providing the attention they need.

“Financially, I have capacitated myself to provide the needs of my family. But sometimes, the earnings are just enough to sustain the family’s needs. Should there be any project, the family has to wait for some time,” Tita Edna says.

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“Family-wise, I am more than blessed. Financially, it’s sustaining. So, should there be anything that I need as of the moment; I would have wanted to be saved from stress related to work and of course, some things related to circumstantial expenses as well,” Tita Edna’s straightforward answer.


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