#PlsSaveMe – The Single Breadwinner’s Shout

Being able to earn a diploma is something we all wish for. Because they say, it is the precious gift that no one can take from us. They also guarantee stable jobs and good work opportunities. However, regardless of the opportunities, we all have our struggles still.

Living the Single Life

Being single, perhaps, has all the kind of praise we get from people. But little did they know that not all singles are happy-go-lucky ones. There are singles who are breadwinners too just like Eduardo.

Eduardo is a manager of one of the largest fast-food chains in the world. He started as a crew just like everyone else did. He started working for the company when he graduated from HS. By then, he got promoted to a higher position right after getting his college degree.

Although single, he isn’t free from obligations towards his family. And yes, being single doesn’t mean having a secured job and finances.  

The Struggles

Way back 2017; Eduardo encountered a personal problem that involved his finances. Despite the fact that he has all the backups we assume guaranteed us secured planning, it didn’t save him from other expenses.

Obligation as a son, he is grappled with the challenges, both financial and emotional. He pays the bills and other expenses his dependents need. To add it, his personal expenses as well.

If asked, Eduardo is financially in need. Just like most of us, he faces financial exhaustion too. He may have the work to support his dreams and the day to day expenses he shoulders, but if an emergency happens, to be honest, he sure isn’t prepared.

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