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#PlsSaveMe – The Struggles of a BPO Agent

Cebu has been one of the cities in the country that has offered wide variety of job opportunities for many individuals. These opportunities have given people from different places the chance to earn more and provide all the financial means their family needs. Among these individuals is Rose Mae, a 25-year-old Customer Service Desk who originated from Lanao del Norte.

Rose Mae, or Rosming by how she preferred to be addressed, moved in Cebu back in 2014 for the opportunity to land a better job. Left her birthplace in Mindanao, Rosming was able to start her career in the BPO industry 5 years ago up until now. Working as a Customer Service Desk may be fulfilling compared to other types of jobs but the earning still isn’t enough even if you are not married or having kids yet.

The Struggles

Moving in Cebu isn’t just about building your career. But, it’s about finding the means of earning to provide for the family as well.

4th in ranking among the 5 siblings, Rosming is one of the two main breadwinners of their family. While supporting the studies of their youngest, earning in BPO is still not enough for her to spare any amount to allocate for savings as there are other obligations to fill in too. This includes the cost of living in Cebu. It is among the struggles Rosming experiences. This covers the roof to live, food to eat, and other necessities she needs to survive. And working far from home to support her family and invest in her needs, at the same time, is definitely a no joke.

Earnings minus necessities, almost nil is left! This is the cycle Rosming gets to experience every month – no savings, no insurance, and not financially prepared for emergencies at all! Sad but this is reality Rosming faces day by day. Making ends meet is hard to do but what else she can do?


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