The Modern House Husband’s #PlsSaveMe Story

Married and a father of 2, Jhonbie is today’s modern house husband. But before being one, he was working as a production worker for 14 years and just finally decided to stop to focus on his studies while taking care of his family.

Juggling studies, being a father and a husband, and the breadwinner of his family back then, isn’t an easy task. Making both ends meet is definitely the most challenging part about raising your own family. But because of his dream, he has to choose between working and focusing more on his studies while taking care of his growing family.

The House Husband’s Struggle 

One of the most challenging parts of being a house husband, perhaps, is the adjustments need to adapt. This includes doing the household chores, taking care of the kids, and budgeting.

As soon as Jhonbie decided to stop on his work, his wife took the breadwinner’s role. It’s kind of a tough situation to be in but for the family’s dream and future, they are doing their very best to survive. As a house husband’s role, it sure is a tough task, especially that handling a family isn’t an easy job. This adds up the duty in school. But what’s challenging part about taking up this role? It’s budgeting.

There is this time that a family member got hospitalized. Jhonbie shared how it was difficult to encounter emergencies without any savings. They have to loan a specific amount and give their ATM cards as part of the collateral. Imagine the struggle especially now that he decided to stop working. It sure isn’t easy.

Since only Jhonbie’s wife is the one earning, it is really difficult for the couple to work things out on their financial needs. They have to consider cost-cutting just to make sure everything is according to their budget. Considering three of them are studying today, the more they are really practical towards spending every hard-earned cent on unnecessary things.

Savings, on the other hand, is something the couple always wanted to have but failed to achieve especially now that the family has to pay for Jhonbie’s tuition fee right after the scholarship offered by CHED is no longer available.

And if asked, Jhonbie’s family isn’t prepared for any emergencies at all especially now that only the wife works.

This is Jhonbie’s #PlsSaveMe story. Do you have yours too?  


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