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Nurse by Day, Agent by Night – A #PlsSaveMe Story of Today’s Modern Nurse

Working as a clinical nurse by day and taking up online freelance work by night, this is a story of today’s modern nurse in the country.

Tine, a mom of 1 and an RN by profession, has been juggling two different works to make ends meet. And if you have heard of online freelancing, she does that thing too.

Two Jobs at a Time

As a clinical nurse, it sure is a tough work for Tine as she doesn’t just do paper works but she also assists patients. But regardless of the difficulty the work has, it didn’t stop her from having two different jobs.

Working on her profession, it’s something we all want especially if that has been one’s passion. However, the reality in the country can’t suffice one’s basic needs if we depend alone on one source of income. Thus, most people nowadays, don’t settle for just one job.

Many are experiencing troubles in budgeting just like Tine and if you are to ask, having two different sources of income is the least solution one can do just to make ends meet. You may have seen some just like Tine, but there are a few who do sideline businesses instead such as selling goods and the like. Nonetheless, both are working for extra income.

Spending Within the Means

Regarding how to spend accordingly? Some people would roughly say that spending within the means is the solution. I couldn’t agree more though. However, there are times that we just simply can’t stick within our means especially if it is about emergencies already.

There is this particular incident that her daughter was rushed to the hospital. It didn’t just happen once, nor twice but thrice! Imagine the struggle plus the expenses one has to face? This adds up to her obligation. And if asked, you are not alone in paying debt and loans.

And despite having two jobs, Tine is still struggling financially due to her obligations ages ago plus the fact that she has her own little family now that she needs to nurture.

This is the #PlsSaveMe story of a nurse who still believes in her profession while trying to make ends meet. Got a story to share? Comment down below!


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