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#PlsSaveMe – The Sole Breadwinner’s Cry

Being the only person who works for the family can really be challenging. Much more if you are in an extended family set up plus there are family members that need special care. Imagine the struggle? This is definitely true for some.

Having your own family is one of the most fulfilling journeys one can have. However, part of the journey comes with a price. The obligations and responsibilities to uphold, these are just some of the things to consider before one has to enter. But for some people, this has been an obligation since then. This is a story of a daughter, a partner, a mother, and a sister who took up the obligation of the breadwinner for their family to survive – meet Leigh.

Sole Breadwinner of the Family

Just like the many of us, Leigh is the breadwinner of the family but the difference is that she doesn’t just feed her own family but also the family that raised her too. Teacher by profession, Leigh preferred to work in a BPO industry as the pay is much higher compared to working in a private school. With the current offer in schools today, if you have a family to feed, siblings to send to school, family members to provide health care and special attention, we sure would opt to work on a high-paying job than anything else.

Leigh has been supporting her family financially particularly her brother who was born special. This is the reason why she never left her family for her own. Born without a silver spoon in the mouth, working hard is not new to Leigh. But as time passed by, there are times that she finds herself breaking down.

Being the sole breadwinner of the family isn’t an easy role. Leigh doesn’t just work for a living but she also nurtures her family especially her own kids. And imagine the struggle she faces day by day?

The Financial Problem

Just recently, Leigh’s step-father was diagnosed with neurocytoma which led to more financial problems for her family. But that didn’t stop her from working hard. Fortunately, Leigh has a supportive live-in-partner who helps her mom in taking care of her brother and stepfather. This is the very reason why she can’t send her partner to work. If the two of them will work for a living, no one will help her mom to take care of her stepfather and brother.

Although the pay for her job is sustainable, it isn’t still sufficient for them to survive. With all the medical maintenance she shoulders for her brother and stepfather, the more it is struggling for Leigh to make ends meet.

Being the only breadwinner of the family with 9 members, imagine how exhausting it is? Her mom is too old to work while she still has siblings and kids of her own whom she sends to school. And just like the many of us, she’s in great debt too. If asked, savings is the least priority for now. Not sure where to start, all she knew is this is what keeps her going – to save her family. But this sole breadwinner’s cry, “can someone #plssaveme too?”

What’s your #PlsSaveMe story?  


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