The Entrepreneur’s Journey – #PlsSaveMe

Starting up a business takes a lot of courage, effort, and time one is willing to spend. The more challenging it becomes if you are considering opening one far from home.

Born and raised in Davao City, Ash was raised singlehandedly by her mom as her dad died at a very young age. But that doesn’t stop them from living a happy life still. Despite the struggles life has thrown them, she was able to finish her studies and be able to apply to better opportunities. But as time passed by, just like other people, nothing is impossible in making our dreams to come true. Ash believed that she can make her dream happen – building her own business.

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The Dream

It wasn’t an easy journey. It took years for Ash to finally decide to build her own business with the help of a friend, who is her business partner at the same time. They finally opened their very own business and decided to open it in Dumaguete City. It wasn’t a city she’s familiar with. But, it was a city she thought a good place to build her career with.

It took a while to build it as there are a lot of things to consider and to invest in. But eventually, it went well. However, working as a full-time administrative officer in her co-owned business doesn’t guarantee a well-balanced life. It doesn’t guarantee financial freedom too.

The Struggles

Running your own business isn’t about earning more than what you could earn from working. Running your own business doesn’t mean more flexible time. Running your own business simply means paying for your staff for their assigned jobs, making sure the business is hitting the target goal, making sure everything is just simply working, and spending more time to make it work. This literally means having a lower income with greater expenses to do and more investments to make.

And as the family’s breadwinner, Ash is having a hard time achieving to be financially free as expenses don’t just end to her family’s needs. Savings is something she currently doesn’t have as well despite owning up a business. And if asked, emergencies are something she’s not prepared of, too.

That’s Ash’s #PlsSaveMe story. What about you?


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