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The Project Based Worker’s #PlsSaveMe Journey

Working on a field can really be exhausting. But if you have a family to feed, nothing can stop you from earning regardless.

Born and raised in Brgy. Butan, Bohol, Rhoda grow up living a simple life. Struggling has been part of her growing even since she was still young but despite that, it didn’t stop her from reaching her dream to finish her studies and be able to land a better job.

A teacher by profession, Rhoda preferred working as a field interviewer in the province of Bohol instead. Despite there are other opportunities that wait for her, she decides to work as a field interviewer in the comfort of her hometown. Perhaps, the convenience to stay close to home is what matters the most.

Work Close to Home

Being the breadwinner of the family, it makes it hard for us to work from afar. Thus, for some, if there are opportunities nearby, we settle for it regardless of how much it earns or how convenient the workload is. Just as long as we are one call away from home, we can be there right there and then is the most important. This situation is true for Rhoda. Despite that Cebu has better opportunities for her, she did what she thinks is convenient for her family. Working in the field is definitely stressful and exhausting considering the weather in the country. But that didn’t stop her from working still.

However, just like other people, Rhoda experiences a shortage in the budget too despite the fact that she earns more than average. As the breadwinner of the family, she has to fulfill the duty of providing all the necessities they need. This includes supporting her younger sibling to go to school. She also takes care of the home renovation of their house and this simply means that the obligation isn’t an easy one.

Financially Struggling

Working as a field interviewer is sustainable. The only downside is that it is only good as temporary as it a project-based type of work. And as soon as the project gets finished, this means Rhoda will be on a job hunt again, and yes, that means going back to basic, AGAIN.

As a breadwinner, it’s kind of challenging to be in this kind of job as stability isn’t guaranteed. Although she has no debt to pay or any financial obligations to settle, if asked, Rhoda isn’t prepared for any other financial commitment other than taking care of her family. When it comes to emergencies and health problems, it’s definitely a problem to add up on her plate, if ever. And yes, just like the majority of us, she struggles with having savings too.

What’s your #PlsSaveMe story?


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