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Mrs. Pandesalan Cabantan Cebu Branch Grand Opening

Pandesal is one of the signatures of being a Filipino. In fact, it is one of the varieties of bread you can find in every Filipino home every morning. It’s plain but it has a unique flavor especially if served hot. It’s best paired with hot choco drink or coffee in the morning. How much more if it comes with flavors or with fillings? Sounds interesting, right?

First Cebu Branch

Mrs. Pandesalan had officially opened its first branch ever in Cebu just last Friday, November 8, 2019! It is the first pandesal in the country that comes with flavor and filling. If you are familiar with malunggay pandesal, Mrs. Pandesalan offers similar but tastier bread with different flavors to choose for.

If you have read earlier, they both offer flavored and filled (premium) pandesal. There are a total of 8 flavors available in the store. You can choose from classic, wheat, ube, chocolate, cheese, green tea, strawberry, and pandan.

Cost Per Piece

What’s more interesting is that Mrs. Pandesalan is ABOT KAYA NG LAHAT. You can get the classic pandesal for only Php2 per piece while for flavored ones, you can get it for only Php4 per piece. On the other hand, you can get the wheat pandesal for Php5 per piece, no minimum order at all! Isn’t that amazing?

In case you will order their premium pandesal (the filled one), please note that it is made to order so make sure that you have enough time to wait just in case you walk-in and that no premium available by then. It costs Php10 per piece and a minimum order of 1 dozen is required.  

Mrs. Pandesalan’s pandesal can last a week without affecting its taste and texture. You can microwave it or oven for a few minutes to serve it hot. It’s soft and tasty that you definitely can enjoy. They offer free delivery of pandesal too! Just dial 09212050923.

Mrs. Pandesalan Cabantan branch is located specifically at Cabantan Street, Brgy Luz along Archbishop Reyes Avenue.  You can follow them on FB at Mrs. Pandesalan Cabantan Brgy Luz Cebu Branch.


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