Personalized Hotel Toiletries

Eco-Friendly Personalized Hotel Toiletries and More

I am not an advocate of eco-friendly products but sure that I am one of those who prefers to consume products which containers are biodegradable. With the effect of the climate change we have today, to lessen the usage of plastic and non-biodegradable materials are the least we can do. Good thing that majority of…

Sharp Fully Auto WM 1

The Sharp Fully Auto Washing Machine: Your Companion to Heavy Laundry Work

Laundry is always part of our lives. No matter how many things we are busy of,  we can’t just simply skip this very important home errand. Good thing that washing machines are invented to help our work easier and more convenient. To any moms, or possibly to anyone in general—whether a yuppie taking responsibilities in…


Acer Brings Francis Kong during the Acer Academy Partner’s Night 2016 in Cebu

 I’m not really into tech, but when I was able to get an invite to attend Acer’s event to its program related to education, I then didn’t hesitate to grab it. The fact that the topic is about enhancing how teaching should be done in easier, more convenient, and faster way, I thought to myself…

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