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A Step by Step Guide on How to Add a Facebook Page Manager

Since there are still many of my friends who aren’t familiar on how to add someone to manage their page, I thought of creating an infographic how it is done. So if you, too, aren’t familiar with it, this sure is the answer! It’s just simple like getting bill lawrence pickups at guitarcenter.com. So to begin,…


Have a Coffee Date with Piolo and Get a Chance to Win a Trip to Dubai for Free!

Valentine’s Day may be over but love is still in the air. If you were a loser during Valentines, don’t fret. Feb is over, so let’s get over with it a well. LOL. #Bitteralert. But hey, with Sun Life Financial’s latest promo dubbed “Coffee with Piolo,” Facebook users can go on a virtual coffee date…

Personalized Hotel Toiletries

Eco-Friendly Personalized Hotel Toiletries and More

I am not an advocate of eco-friendly products but sure that I am one of those who prefers to consume products which containers are biodegradable. With the effect of the climate change we have today, to lessen the usage of plastic and non-biodegradable materials are the least we can do. Good thing that majority of…

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